Why you should install LED headlights on your Jeep

In the last few years, projector style halogen headlights have become increasingly popular, thanks to low wattage bulbs and a more useful and efficient beam. Xenon (or HID) projector headlights provides a much longer bulb life and a more natural color temperature. However, the drawback of HID lighting is the cost of replacement bulbs - typically well over $100 - and an additional ballast that increases voltage and can eventually fail. Until recently, halogen and HID were really your only two lighting options.

Jeep Wranglers produced in the last several years still use headlights with halogen reflector technology; basically the same stuff we’ve been using in cars for over a century. But recent advancements in LED technology have completely surpassed the efficiency and light output of halogen by far, while providing similar output to the one of Xenon lighting. 

Switching to LED lights might be the best thing for your Jeep in order to save time and money while keeping you and your vehicle safer. Here's why we think you should install LED headlights on your Jeep.

Energy Efficiency

LED lights require less energy than the standard halogen light bulbs. Halogen light bulbs require as much as ten times more energy than LED lights. LED lights help make your battery last longer and be more effective.

Longer lifespan

On average, halogen bulbs will last for around 1,000 miles and need to be regularly changed. An LED bulb will last up to 30,000 miles depending on the brand. Many higher end LED lights are rated for 50,000 hours of usage before failure.

Bright white light

LED lights are also more effective at actually generating light. LEDs create a bright white light that illuminates pitch darkness much better than traditional halogen bulbs.

Cost effective

Even though on average an LED bulb costs more than a halogen bulb, in the long run LEDs fail and need to be replaced less than halogen bulbs. Meaning that over time LED lights will cost less.

Lower temperature

Much of the energy used by halogen bulbs goes directly into heat production, making them energy inefficient and very hot to the touch. LED lights consume energy more efficiently, generating less heat. 


If you want to save money in the long run, save your Jeep battery life, be safe, and see better at night you should without a doubt switch over to LED headlights. For all your LED lighting options, our Headlights section has numerous products to fit any budget.